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Recipes for Prosperity: Sofitel celebrates the Year of the Earth Pig

February 2019 | Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila welcomes the Year of the Earth Pig with a sumptuous feast masterfully prepared by Spiral’s newest culinary artisan, Chinese Chef Yui So Chan. Take part in a culinary journey inspiring abundance and wealth featuring twelve delectable dishes showcasing authentic Chinese cuisine. As this year promises prosperity, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila presents a gastronomic offer available from 2nd to 7th of February 2019.

Bringing 36 years of culinary experience specializing in Chinese cuisine, Chef So welcomes the Year of the Earth Pig in a celebration of prosperity and good fortune. As an expert in Chinese gastronomy, he has built his career to be one of the finest Chinese chefs in the region.

“This year, we celebrate prosperity and good fortune as represented by the energetic and enthusiastic personality of the Earth Pig. There is no better way to usher in a new year of life and happiness together with family and friends than with a grand feast,” shares Chef So.

The culinary spread of Chinese-Malaysian, Hong Kong and Cantonese cuisines features twelve auspicious dishes that bring in luck, prosperous health, wealth and bounty while embodying complex combinations of the finest flavors.


Braised Abalone with Mushroom

Abalone is believed to bring good fortune and wealth. Its Chinese translation also signifies assurance and surplus hence partaking of this dish leads to an abundance of wealth.

Traditional Hong Kong Steamed Fish

The Chinese believe that eating the whole fish with the head and tail intact symbolizes a year’s beginning all the way to its end. The Chinese translation for fish also sounds similar to their word for “abundance.”

Ho Se with Spinach and Sea Moss

Braised dried oysters with sea moss is believed to bring positivity in business and entrepreneurs. Black moss translates to “strike rich.”

Half Shell Scallop in X.O. sauce

Eating sautéed scallop in X.O. sauce is believed to be a symbol of fertility, life, as well as new opportunities. X.O. sauce is packed with luxurious ingredients and aroma making it one of the sauces of the rich.

Traditional Pork Dumplings with Spicy Vinegar Sauce

As one of the foundations of Chinese delicacies, traditional dumplings are known to bring in togetherness. It has been a belief that the dish urges unity and harmony in families. They are a symbolism of intact relationships and unbreakable bond.

Buddha Soup

The Buddha soup is famous for its auspicious ingredients. Its translation in Chinese means “house filled with silver and gold” thus the dish brings out good wealth and fulfillment. Mushrooms and bamboo shoots are believed to bring longevity while ginseng is popular for healing.

Cereal Butter Prawn

Prawns are one of the important festive Chinese seafood dishes. In Chinese, the word “prawn” is a symbol of liveliness and cheerfulness. Cereal butter prawns incorporate modern flavors to tradition.

Creamy Butter Crab

Crabs are believed to be a sign of higher achievements and greater possibilities. As the New Year comes, it symbolizes that every year is an opportunity to grow.

Long Life Noodles in 8 Treasure Sauce

Eating noodles is believed to bring long life. This belief has been practiced in most Chinese occasions particularly birthdays, New Year’s and anniversaries. It represents happiness and good health for one’s life.

Steamed Chocolate Pig Buns

As the Year of the Pig draws near, pig-shaped buns have added color into this festivity. With its bright color and exquisite details, these dimsums are used to pray for favorable weather for abundance.


Cua Pao filled with Glazed Pork Belly

Cua Pao has been part of China’s rich history and cuisine. It is traditionally eaten during breakfast as welcome to a new day and a brighter future.

Pork Floss Bun

Pork Floss is a dried meat product with a light and fluffy texture that is usually used for toppings. It is believed that adding pork floss to bread, congee, rice and tofu adds flavor and color to these basic dishes which impacts a positive outlook in one’s daily life.

Celebrate Chinese New Year with family, friends and loved ones at Spiral available at the following rates:

  • February 4, 2019: Php2,850 nett per person for lunch and Php3,888 nett per person for dinner
  • February 5, 2019: Php3,588 nett per person for lunch and Php3,888 nett per person for dinner
  • February 6-7, 2019: Php2,850 nett per person for lunch and Php3,600 nett per person for dinner
  • February 8, 2019: Php2,850 nett per person for lunch and Php3,450 nett per person for dinner



Celebrate Chinese New Year in a intimate and lavish setting as Le Bar presents a flavorful selection of Chinese dishes featuring Cantonese Style Braised Beef, Kung Pao Mixed Seafood and Steamed Pork Ribs in Black Bean Sauce. Indulge in your Chinese dish of choice from hotpot, stir-fried and dimsum for Php799 nett per dish.




Welcome the Year of the Pig as Sunset Bar presents a Chinese hawker style feast on its Sunset Barbecue buffet on February 4, 2019. Gourmands will be entertained by a live musical entertainment, fire dancers and a fireworks display as they enjoy this festive celebration. Rate is set at Php3,488 nett inclusive of unlimited local beer, iced tea, special cocktails and Wine of the Month.


For more information on Recipes for Prosperity:Sofitel Celebrates The Year Of The Earth Pig, please call +63 2 832 6988 or email

  • recipes-for-prosperity-sofitel-celebrates-the-year-of-the-earth-pig
  • recipes-for-prosperity-sofitel-celebrates-the-year-of-the-earth-pig
  • recipes-for-prosperity-sofitel-celebrates-the-year-of-the-earth-pig
  • recipes-for-prosperity-sofitel-celebrates-the-year-of-the-earth-pig
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